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"where's my laptop Sir?"

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Today was the first year 9 Multimedia lesson of the term. Before I had opened the door to the room came the chorus, “where’s my laptop Sir?”.

Fair enough question form a group of students who have been kept in the loop since the laptop announcement.  The answer, “I am not sure. I can say you should have them by terms end.”

From this point my planned lesson had disappeared. The students attention quickly moved to the right off my Toshiba laptop, to what was quickly coined the ‘lunchbox’. I opened the lunch box to reveal the DER netbook to varying reaction. Most students were relived to finally see one of their promised laptops in the flesh. But as expected there were the doubters, with the cynical response of ‘why bother with that’.

For a large portion of the lesson I demonstrated the netbooks software and capabilities with the aid of my projector. For the last part of the lesson students took turns checking out the DER netbook for themselves, while I answered the many questions…

  • is it wireless?
  • will the Internet work at home?
  • does it have blue tooth?
  • will the Internet be blocked at home?
  • can I add limewire?
  • does it have MSN?
  • what games does it come with?, and so on.

The only school related questions were, ‘do we have to use it everyday?’ and ‘will we use it in every class?’

At the end of the lesson the kids had made the decision that I will spend 1 to 2 lessons showing them how all the software works and which classes will be best to use them. The only complaint about the DER netbooks that all the students could agree on was the annoyance of the scrolling screen (which bugs me to).

As most of the literature around 1 to 1 laptop classroom’s point out, the students are ready and chances are the first time they come to your class laptop equiped, it will be out, opened and running, awaiting your first laptop lesson.

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July 31st, 2009 at 9:33 am

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