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Today[Friday 7th] I decided with my little free time to stumble over to the DER page on the intranet page and see if there was anything new going on. The August bulletin had just been released with new information to fill in some of the blanks and questions some of us had with the introduction of the laptops (which we should be calling netbooks, but anyway).

  • Files on the cloud. Every student and teacher will have access to MyLocker which will have a capacity of … wait for it 2 GB. Seriously folks are they kidding, 2GB is not enough for online secure storage. A blog has 3GB. With students and teachers using captivate, flash, producing video content,  2 gig will disappear fast. A cheaper option (believing that cost can be the only valid reason behind the size), would be to supply sizable external hard drives. It is a start though.
  • Information packs for Year 9 parents will be distributed to schools from the 21st of August. The pack includes a magazine for parents, the laptop user charter and a welcoming letter from Julia Gillard. Schools receive additional resources for parent information sessions.
  • Printing services will be established at each school. This will be a big job for each schools individual TSO.

Teacher laptops and internet access

This were big brother comes in, while filtering is disabled at home for teachers (student machines at this point are filtered), all internet activity will be logged on teacher laptops and can be queried at a later date and teachers will be held accountable against the code of conduct and employer communication devices staff use policy.

So not long now till the mayhem begins 🙂

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August 8th, 2009 at 6:15 am

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