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Windows 7 Ultimate A month on

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When does Windows 7 SP1 arrive?? Now Windows 7 is a major improvement for the windows platform. It leaves Vista for dead (which I have only used for 2 days in total). Now I don’t know if it is because I have a DET copy, but my version of Windows 7 is extremely buggy as is my Office 2007 suite. Windows 7 as with my first PC in 2002 on XP does not like some older or computer specific third party applications. My Toshiba has finger print recognition software for login and passwords. There is no problem logging in to the machine, but when you use an application that requires a username and password one day it works the next day it needs a shut down and re-boot. A simple restart does not work with this.

Some popular third party applications still do not support the AERO features of Windows 7. Personally this does not bother me as I find most of the Aero features useless. The only one I like is the window resizing for multiple windows of one application. The shake to show only one open window, drag to the top or side to make full screen width etc are of no use to me while the features that have always been in previous Windows OS are still there such as the maximise button, alt + tab, show desktop etc.

Windows 7 itself has little problems also. The self changing backgrounds slow the system, when there changing in the middle of an action in multiple applications it also disrupts podcast play back. Notification sounds disappear and reappear at will. Occasionally applications do not start by clicking on their icon, after a restart all’s good again but those restarts are a pain. Also I am not big on how the folder directory works in both Vista and Windows 7. It is simply too complicated compared to XP and all other OS’s on the market.

One of the best improvements I have found is the codec support out of the box in Media Player. It supports all the Apple file types and more.

Office 2007 for non-commercial use
(from the SIGroup) can act very strange at times. Word works like normal as you would expect and has many improvements many of which I will never use. The weird thing is when you download a document and open it. The Word window opens twice. You get the first window which is blank, not even a white page, and then you get the second window which has the document. PowerPoint supports QuickTime movies right? Wrong, when viewed in presentation mode you get the start image and the machine locks up requiring a forced shut down of PowerPoint.

But my biggest beef is if I had to buy Windows 7 retail, is that there are too many versions of the OS available. They should all be the ultimate version and a hell of a lot cheaper.

Written by theMolisticView

December 24th, 2009 at 6:31 am

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