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Please explain? Google search difference & WordPress’s new video on post!

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I need someone to explain a couple of things please.

First, I noticed this week while working on some of my web sites that there was a difference between the page rendering on Google (see Images below). At first I just thought hey that looks great, Google is styling things up a bit. Then I hopped over to my School machine, I searched a little without first noticing there being a difference. But then I clicked on the expand button Google provides with search results. I had a double take. My 13″ MacBook Pro’s Safari browser was displaying (rendering), a different page to that of my 17″ MacBook Pro. I can’t explain it? can you? Just look at the images…

The 13″ MacBook Pro’s display of a Google search

The 17″ MacBook Pro’s display of the same search


Secondly, I haven’t posted anything on this hosted blog in close to two weeks. Today I have posted earlier this morning and discovered a strange new feature of hosted blogs. Now I am not sure if the feature I am talking of was just a coincidence or not, but when I posted my earlier post about Fireworks for DER NSW Wiki, I had a modal window open up and display a video on… well fireworks display’s (see Image below). Whats with that? I did not need to see that. No one asked if I wanted to see it. From what I can tell there is no opt out of this feature either.
Does anyone have an answer for this new feature?

Video after publishing this post


Yesterday while in the classroom I was Googling for some information to help a student and noticed my 13″ MacBook Pro had started to show the same icons in the search results as I had seen at home on my 17″ MacBook Pro.


When I got home I investigated this further to only see that the icons were not there. What is going on?

Later I was watching a podcast by Leo Leporte on his Twit network called “This week in Google” , during the podcast they spoke about the new Google search page and that more could be found out on the Offical Google Blog.

So as it turns out Google had been testing when I stumbled across the different search page with icons. I tried multiple times last night to replicate the icon search on both my MacBook Pro’s without success. This time I’m not sure what is happening. I can only have a guess that with the Telstra Bigpond network acting like dial up yesterday this affected my testing. Today however at work on the DET network there they are in all there glory.

I think this is an interesting move by Google to pretty up there pages.

Here are todays results in both Safari and Firefox on the Mac.

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