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2nd year of electronic exams

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In a recent blog post Darcy Moore titled Pen & Paper exams. At the time I commented on my personal experience last year when I chose to have my HSC Multimedia class answer their half yearly exam with a word processed document (

This year’s HSC half yearly exam period at my school coincided with my recent trip to Sydney for the Adobe Refresh event, so I chose to have this years class complete their exam while I was away.

The way I have delivered this task in the past is to have the students open a BOS HSC exam as a PDF and answer the questions in a Word document, which when completed they email to me. This year though with myself being out of school I chose to use the classes  Edmodo page for delivery of the exam document with the assignments feature, which the students then upload their finished exam.

Unfortunately as it turns out I had decided earlier not carry my laptop to the city. My main reasoning for this at the time was because of the troubles I have been having with Vodafone’s 3G wireless network, so I would use my Edmodo app on my iPhone to keep track of proceedings back in the classroom. So with this in mind I had uploaded the exam and instructions to Edmodo the night before at around 2.30am.

Year 12 were due in class at 1.15 pm. Just as 1.05 ticked my phones email sound rang down George Street. 1 student it appears had jumped the class and gone in early against the instructions given them the day earlier. I received one more alert email just on 1.15 pm asking a question which could only be asked if the person had read the exam.

When I arrived at school the next morning my head teacher explained that even more silliness had ensued in the classroom. I down loaded and looked at several of the exams and noticed that the more reliable students in the class had been erratic in their responses to what would normally be easy to answer questions for them. On this evidence I decided that they would re-sit the exam the following Friday, I duly went the process of notifying all parties that the exam would be conducted again and what the rules for the exam were.

So Friday came and went and on the surface the majority of the class did as I expected from last years experience and answered more questions in more depth than they had in their Preliminary yearly exam by pen & paper. So given all the upheaval this year I am still committed to delivering my exams to my technology classes in this manner.

Looking to the future though, I will try to find more time to develop my own PDF version of exams which uses buttons to select multiple choice answers, text boxes for short and long responses and based on this year, only deliver the exam in person.

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March 23rd, 2011 at 9:26 am

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