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Adobe Refresh 2011 – a Teachers view

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At Adobe Refresh today it suddenly dawned on me why I can’t successfully teach my subjects at school. The world of the device (broadening away from the simple PC) and it’s development base(s) change to rapidly for a school system locked down like the DET.

Now I’m not saying the DET is not supporting the computer science subjects. The total opposite is my view, in the last three years they have moved mountains. Problem is with public funds and every school doing different things it is extremely difficult to fund and change direction quickly to keep up with what’s popular and worth while for our students future of device development.

Today Adobe showed off some impressive new software technologies all aimed at the mobile space no matter which platform as long as it’s not Windows based. Also they showed off Air apps for the Google television.

The future of Flash also looks promising and may be I should focus more on it in class, however the problem then becomes “how do we get enough iPods/iPhones, Android devices or Blackberry Playbooks?”. Then there is the sign up process for developer access to the tools and the devices, this can be extremely expensive and time consuming. At least with Flash we can develop for iOS on Windows and not having to buy a bunch of Macs, only needing iTunes and developer access to the device.

The question I’m really asking is should we stick with development for the truck as Steve Jobs called PC’s last year or should we continue to push forward and teach our students about the future of device development at an ever increasing cost.

What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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March 2nd, 2011 at 9:39 am

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