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My first Project Based Learning adventure – Part 3

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As promised my actual delivered project is in here. Before going into the delivery of the project I did something I have never done before, I had the work the students were originally asked to complete up on the board and I asked them a question: “In three words describe what you think of this” Their answer were as expected, some however realised that they needed to learn the content; they were just bored with the delivery.

Milling Machine Animated Video

So delivery, I wont bore you all with every detail, just the outline. First this is the video I used as the hook event. Metalwork students enjoy a good video; they even enjoy old ones if they are good enough to catch them. This video had them in two ways, firstly they were engaged by the actions shown of the machine, secondly having had the project explained to them, they could see the potential in their own ideas already.

I followed this with the common craft on “Electing a US President in Plain English”, which also has a web page outlining the how to of this video.

This lead to some constructive class discussion about not only ways on how to make the video, but surprisingly on what and how does the milling machine work.

From there I showed a couple of the following videos on how to – a common craft style video, stop animation, stop animation with Lego, stop animation with movie maker and so on.

So plenty of resources to get started, yet I had not pushed the Milling machine on them. Nearly forgot, I made all these videos and documents available to the students via Edmodo.

At this point I let them decide which groups they would be in and set them on there way for close to 45 minutes. There was the odd over powered scream and the typical ribbing that goes on between 15-16 year old boy’s, however this behaviour was a marked improvement over the previous four lessons we had shared.

At the end I brought everyone back together handed out the KWL forms and went through with them what was required for this each lesson and that the KWL would earn them 10XP if completed every lesson, for now they responded well to this concept. Oh I forgot, I have used words like XP, level up and prestige instead of out of 100 or x marks for this section and also added power ups and power downs for good/bad behaviour.

I wont add my after class reflection in this post, these past three posts have been heavy going. So next post will be my reflection form the morning after.

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  1. Gratz! – nice spread of resources without overly explaining the steps … sure they’ll learn to like the idea of choice, but will probably feel weird.

    The typographer Eric Gill said “there are no boring problems or boring solutions”.

    Dean Groom

    5 Apr 11 at 11:39 pm

  2. This is a great series of posts. I’m really impressed with your determined attitude because I know how hard learning to do PBL can be. I also know how gracious you were in accepting feedback that meant you needed to make significant changes to your first attempt at the project.
    Good luck and thanks for caring about learning – it’s so easy to blame the kids!

    Bianca Hewes

    6 Apr 11 at 4:38 am

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