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Strange week of OS installs

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This week I had several operating system installs under my belt. The last and most notable of these was OS X Lion from Apple. However the first was my second attempt to play with Google’s ChromeOS.

Google officially released it’s ChromeOS and ChromeBooks back in on the 15th of June this year. They had announced ChromeOs last year at Google iO (the Google developers conference). As with Chrome the browser ChromeOS is open source and released to the public as Chromium and ChromiumOS, you can find both of them here Both of these Chromium options are the nightly builds on which Google feeds the Google Chrome Browser and the ChromeBooks ChromeOS.

A month or 2 after Google iO last year there were a couple of ChromiumOS builds floating around the net that could be booted from USB giving early lookers a chance to see what it was Google was doing. All you needed was a computer running a version of Linux and you could play. At the time I did have a play but never really did much with it.

With the official release of the ChromeBook we in Australia missed out, none are for sale. So I decided to have another crack at ChromeOS. After some quick searching I found this article on Life Hacker which takes you through the steps of running a ChromiumOS build.

Before you can try this though you will need to make sure your computer is on the suitability list Luckily for me my Asus Eee PC 1002HA netbook . You will also need to have a copy of Linux OS running. I like Ubuntu and had an install of Ubuntu already running, there are plenty of other varieties out there and best of all most of them are free. Handy for keeping older hardware useful.

So the Life Hacker article points you to which has all the nightly builds ready to make a bootable version of ChromiumOS. Now nightly builds are not to stable at times and do not always make it onto the Chrome Browser or ChromeBook. As I discovered with my install, off the USB it was fine because every reboot is a new instance, having installed it though the first time I logged out I lost control of my apps and extensions. Other then this though the thing works like a charm, faster boot then any OS I have run on this netbook, has total access to the web and the file system worked fine, I am just unsure how you know how much storage you have. I know my computer has 160 Gb of space, you just do not see it in this build of ChromiumOS.

ChromiumOS settings screen

ChromiumOS settings screen

Chrome Apps on ChromiumOS

Chrome Apps on ChromiumOS

I haven’t had a chance to test the battery life to see if its better, but I think if you have an older netbook or even laptop ChromiumOS preferably the stable version from Hexxeh is worth a try, and even if you don’t like that give Linux OS’s a go. They will make your old Windows machine last longer.

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July 23rd, 2011 at 12:07 am

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