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Strange week of OS installs

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This week I had several operating system installs under my belt. The last and most notable of these was OS X Lion from Apple. However the first was my second attempt to play with Google’s ChromeOS.

Google officially released it’s ChromeOS and ChromeBooks back in on the 15th of June this year. They had announced ChromeOs last year at Google iO (the Google developers conference). As with Chrome the browser ChromeOS is open source and released to the public as Chromium and ChromiumOS, you can find both of them here Both of these Chromium options are the nightly builds on which Google feeds the Google Chrome Browser and the ChromeBooks ChromeOS.

A month or 2 after Google iO last year there were a couple of ChromiumOS builds floating around the net that could be booted from USB giving early lookers a chance to see what it was Google was doing. All you needed was a computer running a version of Linux and you could play. At the time I did have a play but never really did much with it.

With the official release of the ChromeBook we in Australia missed out, none are for sale. So I decided to have another crack at ChromeOS. After some quick searching I found this article on Life Hacker which takes you through the steps of running a ChromiumOS build.

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July 23rd, 2011 at 12:07 am

Chaplain’s versus Laptops

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The Digital Education Revolution is dead; its death will take place sometime in December 2011 when Kevin Rudd’s original promise is reached and all that will be left is 20 million dollars of support for infrastructure for a two year period. At the same budget reading we heard about a nation wide drive for Chaplains in schools. Where did we as educators go wrong? I have strong memories from 1985 at high school of scripture class as it was called at the time and the issues that caused for those students who did or did not attend. Why is it back and Federal supported and funded at what blatantly appears to be at the cost of future proofing the nation and my retirement?

The death of the revolution will hurt me and teachers who, like me teach Computer Science based subjects. We teach the students how to use the trucks (thanks to Steve Jobs for that gem) that drive the worlds computing. The revolution in NSW brought equity to schools and their students. In NSW the revolution saved me from having to win a fight with my English faculty over spending $20,000 on the full Adobe Creative Suite which I was never going to win. It provided my students with a computer that was not restrained by what is now a 10 year old operating system which is XP, which by the way still has a massive strangle hold on my region which I cannot explain when other regions in NSW already are running the same hardware on Windows 7 and they could take them home and continue to work and learn through complex problems. What makes it even more painful is that this years cohort where the most excited since the revolution began and realised from the start of the limitations of their new learning tool.

These fore mentioned trucks (destop PC’s) have continued funding under T4L and wont be disappearing anytime soon, the only question mark over the T4L is the extra software contracts NSW picked up as part of the revolution and what is their expiry date.

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Windows 8 is coming in November and we still have XP

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I have been watching the Windows Weekly podcast for nearly 2 years on both generations of Apple Tv. Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte do an excellent job explaining the news from Microsoft.

On his site and to a degree in this weeks podcast Paul delves into the soon to be released Windows 8 OS. As a prominent Microsoft enthusiast and a journalist Paul is given early access to future releases of Microsoft products. Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft system of which he has access. As can be seen in a post yesterday on The Windows Supersite Windows 8 is very close to a public Beta release with some interesting new features including the “ribbon everywhere”.

This leads to the title of my post, we have to be one of Microsofts largest partners in the Asia-Pacific region if not the world. Our DER laptops had the first official release of Windows 7. Why are we still on XP in the classroom and 2003 for our local server technology?

My place of work is about to install a new Windows server which will be remotely managed. Problem is it will only be Server 2003 which will not support Windows 7 and beyond. Windows XP is over 10 years old! how can that still be in place? Many of the new Microsoft products from Office to Visual Studio and IE 9 are not supported fully or at all on XP, why do we still have it when we have such a partner in Microsoft?

Next year looks like the students will have Windows 8 on their laptops and we as teachers will still have XP in our computer rooms.

If your situation is different to mine I would like to hear about it.

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April 3rd, 2011 at 1:21 am

Windows Phone 7 Standard Applications and more…

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Windows Phone 7 comes with plenty of standard applications and features some of which I have already mention liked the Windows Live ID integration and Xbox Live if you have an account.

I’ll start by naming the worst application the phone has in my opinion, Internet Explorer. Now Microsoft said a long time ago that IE on the phone would be a mix of IE 6 and 7 made suitable for phone and would be updated over time once IE 9 has been officially launched and integrated into the phone. So I guess we can live with that for now, I just hope we do not have to wait a year.

Other standard applications which live on the start screen are Xbox Live, Zune, and the email accounts. So everything else lives to the right of the start screen as I mentioned in my last post:

  • Alarms
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Games
  • Hotmail
  • Internet Explorer
  • Maps (Bing Maps)
  • Marketplace
  • Messaging
  • Zune music and videos
  • Office
  • Outlook
  • People
  • Phone
  • Pictures
  • Settings

So more then enough to get started.

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October 31st, 2010 at 11:55 am

Please explain? Google search difference & WordPress’s new video on post!

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I need someone to explain a couple of things please.

First, I noticed this week while working on some of my web sites that there was a difference between the page rendering on Google (see Images below). At first I just thought hey that looks great, Google is styling things up a bit. Then I hopped over to my School machine, I searched a little without first noticing there being a difference. But then I clicked on the expand button Google provides with search results. I had a double take. My 13″ MacBook Pro’s Safari browser was displaying (rendering), a different page to that of my 17″ MacBook Pro. I can’t explain it? can you? Just look at the images…

The 13″ MacBook Pro’s display of a Google search

The 17″ MacBook Pro’s display of the same search


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