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Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade vs MacBookPro

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Back on October 28th I turned 40. To celebrate I decided that I should by the computer which I have always wanted but could never justify the price. The Apple MacBook Pro 17″. I jumped on the Apple store website and half an hour later had ordered an Apple computer. Slowly over the next few days the bits n pieces arrived, I was so excited to finally see what all the fuss of a Mac was about.

15 minutes after start up I was exploring my Mac and all its crazy gadgets. I was so amazed at how easy the transition was for a person who had only used PC’s since 2003. I tweeted my joy, asking where had this been all my life. Over the ensuing week I purchased the dept. software and with in an hour had a Mac with Microsoft office 2008 for Mac and the full Adobe suite loaded, all my preferences sorted and working on new ideas.

At the around this time the Windows 7 Upgrade was officially made available to DET staff through the supplier. It is a steal at $50 delivered compared to the $500 odd dollars you would pay at a retailer. Reading the fine print, the upgrade required that Windows Vista be installed. No big deal I thought I have a copy of Vista that came with my Toshiba, I will just load it up and be ready for the new and exciting Windows 7 OS.

How wrong I was. Vista from a recovery disk took an easy 3/4 of an hour before it asked me who I was and was at least another 15 minutes before I could use the computer for what it was meant for. Then there were the driver issues!! At least 7 drivers required replacing for it to even start (the important graphics driver being the hardest). Having completed this I thought all would be ok, well wrong again. 2 days later and 160 to 170 updates later I could use my windows computer as a computer. Knowing I was going to upgrade to Windows 7 there was no need to add software or files, because I thought this would only slow the upgrade process.

Now we come to today 1pm. My Windows 7 arrived at work and I had senior Multimedia straight after lunch, perfect I thought, add Windows 7 and use it as a lesson at the same time.

Right on 1:15pm the bell went, I was in the room computer running, disc at the ready. The students arrived and I explained what was going to happen and that they were free to have a look at the process. I new I was in trouble 20 minutes in to the 75 minute period when Windows 7 was still deciding if it was compatible. After this there was an install screen which had 4 sections of progress and that it would restart several times as it went, normal practice for a windows install.

When the bell went for the end of the day the score was 1 and 1/2 sections installed and 2 reboots. I went away for 20 minutes came back hoping it had finished. When I looked the screen had not changed. Suddenly it said 100% and rebooted, I thought this might be the end. Unfortunately no, I was asked if I could leave by the head cleaner at 4 pm. So I kept the machine running on battery in my car on the way home fingers crossed it would be all over before I got home and run out of battery. 20 minutes later I entered the codes and a reboot was required.

On start up I received a little message stating that the system required another reboot to remove Vista data from the system. I obliged, after the reboot I shut the lid and headed home again.

On reaching home I fitted the charger, lifted the lid all was sweet, Windows 7 is quite attractive looking system. I set the background, window chrome style etc. made sure everything worked. Soon after the dreaded windows update appeared. This new OS which only arrived on October 22nd required 8 major security updates.

Any body want to buy an 8 month old Toshiba Satellite Pro??

I am going away from windows after this. Next month I’m buying an IMac.

Any one else have an opinion??

Written by theMolisticView

November 9th, 2009 at 8:28 am