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YouTube as your schools social platform?

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My school used to develop and maintain its own website, recently the boss decided he wanted to change to the NSW DET’s hosted service. This website services service pre-populates the site with all the relevant DET policies and news as they happen to change or be modified which removes the need for the school to maintain such links and documents.

My boss’s reason for joining the DET provided service was to be able to communicate and connect with our school community better. He believes that the service will provide any easier way for the school to do this. This came about during the budget process where the bill for three terms of SMS messaging to parents came to $6,000 plus with a term to go. The SMS service is used mainly for absences and lateness to school and was demanded by our school community some years ago. Since the boss started two years ago he has also used the service to publicise events at school and the release date of the school newsletter online.

With the preview version of the site available to me I was asked to start adding content and looking at ways the school can push notifications of events at school for free via the site. Currently the website service does not have RSS which would be the easiest way to push information without the community visiting the site. Getting traffic to a school website is hard. With our previous version I used to run Google Analytics, the only times there were spikes in views was when a job at the school was available or after a video was posted.

So having added the latest newsletter and images from the last significant event at the school I went looking how to add all the video that we had. It turns out that the school has to embed video from a hosted service like YouTube or Vimeo. This surprised me, as students in the DET system are not able to view or access such web services. Having noted this I immediately asked the boss if it was okay to set up a school account on YouTube. He promptly said yes and to send him the login details having done so.

So now my school has a YouTube channel currently with one video available here

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November 6th, 2010 at 6:44 am

Basic Flash tutorials

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I recently completed some adobe flash based tutorials which I am using this year with my year 11 class. I have uploaded these to my Media fire account where they are available to all. They are not all of my own doing, just borrowed ideas from various sources. Feel free to use them, change them etc. If you do change them I would like to see what it is that you did. If your from my neck of woods make ensure that you don’t just use them as is (there will be many students who know of the tutorials).


If you have stumbled onto this post a word of warning, Media fire lost my files and I no longer use their service [31/10/2010].

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August 4th, 2009 at 8:10 am

New TALE resources for DER laptops

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Tale is an excellent source of resources and has already started delivering resources for the DER laptops. The screen shot below is of the new Digital Media Wrap available at TALE. It can be used online when logged into the DET portal or downloaded and added to Moodle or the schools existing intranet.

Tale's Digital Media Laptop Wrap

Tale's Digital Media Laptop Wrap

TALE has more packages for all faculty areas with a promise of more to come. When on the protal next have a look for your self.

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July 4th, 2009 at 11:46 am