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Domain names and site hosting

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As some of you who follow me on Twitter (@theMolisticView), I have recently been contemplating starting a web based business, delivering web site services. Having received information from the Department of Fair Trading I am preparing to move forward.

I started to look around at purchasing Domain names and Web site hosting. I have discovered that there are huge differences in pricing and services in both areas without much explanation as to why.

It has long been known that is the cheapest domain name provider on the internet. The issue with using is that do not supply domain names.

Moving to Australian providers, there is Crazy Domains and WebCity that I have found.

Crazy Domains offers and both for $12 a year as long as you register the name for 2 years. WebCity offers the same service at $11.25 per domain name over the 2 year period.

There are many hosting providers on the net. I currently use WebCity to host a testing site. The prices for hosting again seem to vary widely. WebCity has hosting starting at $6.95 a month for the business starter going up to their Business pro 3 account which is $19.95 a month. Webcity have a few restrictions on their low-end products such as only one domain, limited bandwidth per month etc.

Crazy Domains have only three hosting plans. $2.25, $3.75 and $4.75 a month. The main difference that I can see from their information is that the cheapest hosting plan only allows for 25GB’s of space, the second has 100GB’s and the third is unlimited. They do not appear to have a restriction on bandwidth which is strange.

So my question is which hosting service do you use and why?
Please answer in the comments or email me 🙂

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May 5th, 2010 at 7:29 am

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