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So The Blog’s not closed anymore…

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Oh hai 🙂

Well to be honest I kept forgetting to go in the back end and delete all these exciting educational posts here on the MolisticView. Turns out that wasn’t a bad thing either.

Now many things have happened in my life and my work since my last rant about someone wanting my education stuff (and someone has just outright stolen it anyway, more on that later). Most recently my school, St Clair High had a little problem with a fire and sort of lost most of its learning spaces (again, more on that later). On the weekend however we had one of our famous St Clair High School Teacher Conferences which related to every teachers upcoming doom and school plans for years a head. Well turns out for me to be the great amazing educator I am I’ll need one of these fandangle blogging thingies along with the twitter and stuff to be paid right in the future.

So welcome back to the MolisticView.

Written by theMolisticView

September 18th, 2014 at 12:44 pm