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Fireworks for DER NSW

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Shortly before term 1 holidays, I was asked if I could come up with a presentation concept for a conference coming later in the year. I racked my brain throughout the day, trying to workout what would be the technology basis for the presentation, I went home and still couldn’t narrow down on a concept which I thought would capture both teacher’s via the conference and then their students when the took the idea back to their school’s.

The next day back at school and it was time for one of my favourite classes, Year 12 Multimedia. During the lesson I noticed one of the less motivated students, still trying to piece together her design in PhotoShop. I went asked her, ‘what is the problem, you’ve been working on this for over 10 weeks’. Her answer was not as surprising as it may read given her interest, and class attendance during the course, ‘I am not confident in making the web site from scratch with only images and no starting code’. My short answer was for her to continue in PhotoShop with her design, so it was ready for the start of term 2.

At home later that night, I was going through an external hard drive and stumbled across a folder of videos from [When you purchase the Adobe software, a bonus on registering your product was a months free subscription to]. I saw the folder named CS4_Fireworks, and it dawned on me, ‘hey theres a video in there of exporting a web page from an image mock-up’.

I opened the folder and started filtering through the videos, soon I came across the three which were of my memories. A quick search of and there was more information about using Fireworks for producing web pages.

Now I have to profess, I only use three Adobe applications regularly. They are 1. PhotoShop 2. Acrobat Pro Extended 3. Flash. I rarely use any other products from the CS suite of apps.

Soon after I was having troubles organising Blogs and Wiki’s for my other classes, at the same time there was a lot of chat on my PLN through Twitter regarding the new BlogED Blog tool. I was soon allowed to look at a live example of a BlogED. I had a quick look through the code using my browsers tools. It was a fairly simple layout, wouldn’t be to hard to reproduce in a Multimedia Stage 5 lesson.

I then thought about this a little further, and quickly came to thinking this would be an excellent idea, but instead of going the normal route of PhotoShop > Dreamweaver, use Fireworks. I got to planning a 5 week schedule and thought this would make an excellent presentation at a conference.

Then I got to thinking how would I back this up at a conference and remove the hassle that normally takes place with electronic files. Set up a Wiki.

The Wiki, was born. Over a week I made documents to back up template files I have made plus several screen casts to help new comers to Fireworks to design and publish web pages easily. Now this Wiki is not a place for me just to share templates with everyone else, it is to try and build a community around the use of Fireworks, especially on DERvices. You don’t have to sign up the Wiki is accessible to all visitors.

To my amazement Fireworks for DER NSW Wiki even shows up in Google Alerts as the image below demonstrates.

So please all join in and make this a true community!

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April 17th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

New TALE resources for DER laptops

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Tale is an excellent source of resources and has already started delivering resources for the DER laptops. The screen shot below is of the new Digital Media Wrap available at TALE. It can be used online when logged into the DET portal or downloaded and added to Moodle or the schools existing intranet.

Tale's Digital Media Laptop Wrap

Tale's Digital Media Laptop Wrap

TALE has more packages for all faculty areas with a promise of more to come. When on the protal next have a look for your self.

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July 4th, 2009 at 11:46 am

Where to start??

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With the DER laptops only a couple of days away I started poking around the Internet looking for anything that might be helpful or stimulate. I came across PLN’s. Personal/Professional Learning Networks. Blog’s as far as the eye could see, total information overload. When I came back to it all the next day I started here with a series of videos with Will Richardson…

The Future

Personal Learning Networks

Followed by…

The more I looked around there more information there was, like this…

The world wide use of Moodle.  This video was made for the first Slovenian Moodle Moot (

Then I found some Australian content…

I think it’s fair to say we are starting from the outside barrier in-relation to 1 on 1 laptop classroom education and the the learning curve will be steep.

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July 3rd, 2009 at 11:23 am